Capture Log Stain - 5gallon

Sashco Sealants

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Capture Log Stain - 5 gallon
Water-based elastomeric log home finish and stain

Capture Log Stain by Sashco is an extremely effective, attractive semi-transparent stain that is followed by a weather repellent topcoat, Cascade. Capture Log Stain and Cascade work together.  Capture is designed to stretch and compress as your logs move, creating a tight seal that prevents UV damage, insects and unwanted moisture from spoiling their unique beauty.  It bridges those tiny micro-cracks that all logs get over time, yet is highly breathable to allow moisture to escape.  This stain works on the interior or exterior of your log home.

      • Highly elastic – moves with the wood
      • Part one of the two-part Capture/Cascade log home staining system
      • Easily maintained with Cascade
      • Easy to apply
      • Breathable – allows moisture to escape, but not get in
      • Extremely UV damage resistant – prevents sun from damaging the underlying wood
      • Exterior/Interior use
      • Water-based, water clean-up
      • Low odor

  Made in U.S.A.


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